Young Again – Armi Millare (Lyric Video)

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Big News: APOCALYPSE CHILD Opens Nationwide October 2016

Thanks Armi Millare (Up Dharma Down) for helping us announce our Theatrical Release. You asked for it, here’s the rough demo & lyric video of Young Again, first heard in the movie, Apocalypse Child.

“Young Again” lyrics:

Walls of stripes a nursery
Slept my way to reality
All I had was a love that was bad
And I survived call it strategy

Broke and loose by night time
And a place at heaven’s gate
Holding on to me and my weak sanity
Still I wonder what I did right?

Can’t wait to be young again
For a life lived with no regrets
No heart isn’t willing to start all over
And play the part of a lover
Who lives for the pain to be young again

She taught me how to read
He snuck me out to keep me from crying
Didn’t know what I was looking for then
Now all I want is to be home with them

Can’t wait to be young again
And be more than just a friend or a lover
Why can’t we play pretend
That our love will never end and survive us

Can’t wait to be young again (3x)
And learn about pain what I’m feeling
Maybe then I’ll never have to want to
Be young again

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